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Type Pitch Using Temporary Display


Work samples from a typographic pitch for a Little Dame project back in October. The type is set in Temporary Display, a typeface designed by Jonathan Maghen and Sam Wagner. Available at Primary Type Foundry.


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Encinitas Tees—Rejects


I haven’t shared any 10–6pm work here yet, but I thought I’d share this because it was a quick team challenge and it’s abstract enough. Our regional design team created a few tee shirt concepts to help celebrate the opening of a new Compass office in Encinitas.

After working on the Little Dame tote and not quite in the mood to design a tee, I decided to work with my friends type and image rather than illustrate anything or make something very “Compass”. The result was my brain on Trobbing Gristle but like, beach—but also not. The marketing team voted on their favorites and mine obvi didn’t make it, fortunately. Rejects below.


 Tee shirt concept design (reject) | Annie Szafranski, 2019

 Tee shirt concept design (reject) | Annie Szafranski, 2019

Tee shirt concepts for my fav band, Encinitas, CA | October, 2019.


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Tote Bag Design for Little Dame


 Tote Bag design for Little Dame by Annie Szafranski

Flash Chic—Tote bag for Little Dame, October 2019.

I designed a tote bag design for Little Dame’s GoFundMe campaign! Two visual directions for this project were presented and we moved forward with this flash sheet inspired tote because, yes, they’re opening a tattoo shop in their new space.

There are lots of things for Little Dame in the works right now with their shop move and expansion, so expect to see the next few posts featuring some of those projects as they start to wrap up.

Though the image above is a mockup, they’re currently in the midst of production and will be distributed to those who donate $25+. I believe they’ll be distributed once the campaign is done? I think that’s how these things operate.



Tote Type: Cheee (version 1.4) by OH No Type Co.


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Solo Art Show by Katie Carrion

Event Flyer


 Solo Art Show by Katie Carrion,  8.5x11 Flyer

Solo Art Show by Katie Carrion, 8.5x11 Flyer


 Solo Art Show by Katie Carrion,  1:1 Instagram

Solo Art Show by Katie Carrion, 1:1 Instagram


The co-owner of Little Dame (Katie Howard) got married and asked me to create the flyer for her first solo show under her new surname, Carrion. For such a memorable moment to mark a new beginning, using the provided image, I wanted to keep the flyer clean and straight forward. For print, I left the background white and used the full bleed image for instagram, using the same minimal type treatment for both.

Resolution aside, I’m pleased with how the instagram version tuned out, but she ended up just cropping the 8.5x11 flyer for instagram—can’t control everything!


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Typography Summer School LA (Projects)

Summer Intensive | June 15–16, 2019


Final project snippets from the Typography Summer School intensive from earlier this summer. Project 1: Wikipedia—I chose the Public Library wiki page to design in print form. Project 2: Type hack—I decided to make Gill Sans disappear ;). Lectures/discussion/sharing in between projects, with Faser Muggeridge and Benjamin Critton. Hosted at the Compass office in Hollywood.

Day 1 Project: Wikipedia

 Typography Summer School LA | Week 2 | Wiki Project | Annie Szafranski

Day 2 Project: Type Hack

 Typography Summer School LA | Week 2 | Type Hack | Annie Szafranski

The projects aren’t perfect, but they were completed in the short amount of time we had, so whatever. <3

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Electronic Press Kit for April

APril EPk, July 2019



I was commissioned to design April’s first Electronic Press Kit (EPK). This one-sheet incorporates a mini bio, key highlights from the band’s Spotify data, links to latest singles, tech specs, and social links. It’s a nice concentrated summary of where the band currently is, and will be a helpful piece to have on hand for those who may want to work with the band in the future.

I’m weary of SD Voyager, but if you’re not, April was featured on their blog a little while back, so you can learn more about them and read April’s answers to SD Voyager’s google form here.



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Flier Quickie: Bugs & Babes

Little Dame | July, 2019


 Little Dame | Bugs & Babes | Feels Design Studio, July 2019


San Diego, CA


Flier for an event at Little Dame. They wanted very minimal copy on this and didn’t want a description—just the name of the event, along with the when and where. Scribbled these in illustrator.


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Unused Artwork for “Escapement”


 April cover concept for “Escapement” | Anne Szafranski, May 2019

April cover concept for “Escapement” | Anne Szafranski, May 2019


This was in the running to be used as a cover concept for the new April single, but wasn’t ultimately chosen between the selects.

You can listen to the new April track and see the lovely artwork for it created by Jeff Micklos, here. They’re making beautiful things!


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Femme Block—Year 3

poster design and insta post


 Femme Block, Year 3 | Little Dame, San Diego | 2019 Poster

 Femme Block, Year 3 | Little Dame, San Diego

 Femme Block, Year 3 | Little Dame, San Diego

Poster design for the third annual Femme Block Flea Market by Little Dame and Maven.


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Little Dame Hang Tags

print design


 Little Dame | 2019 Hang Tags | Feels Design Studio, LLC

Part of the upcoming mini 2019 brand refresh for Little Dame.