Tote Bag design for Little Dame by Annie Szafranski

Flash Chic—Tote bag for Little Dame, October 2019.

I designed a tote bag design for Little Dame’s GoFundMe campaign! Two visual directions for this project were presented and we moved forward with this flash sheet inspired tote because, yes, they’re opening a tattoo shop in their new space.

There are lots of things for Little Dame in the works right now with their shop move and expansion, so expect to see the next few posts featuring some of those projects as they start to wrap up.

Though the image above is a mockup, they’re currently in the midst of production and will be distributed to those who donate $25+. I believe they’ll be distributed once the campaign is done? I think that’s how these things operate.



Tote Type: Cheee (version 1.4) by OH No Type Co.