QUICK UPDATE: I was gonna write a whole thing, but I’ll keep it short.

October seems like a great month to mention a death, so here I go. I’ve finally decided to terminate my LLC and I will no longer be doing business simply as Feels Design Studio either. Feels Design Studio served its purpose at a time of need, and that time has simply passed (a while ago, actually). Since I’m no longer working as a full time studio/freelancing, it no longer seems necessary to keep up the appearance of one—albeit a super lax one that’s been terrible at self promo since day one.

Moving forward, since I’m back working in-house full time (and have been for over a year), I will no longer be hiding behind an LLC or a simple DBA. I’ll be updating everything back to a personal level, where I will continue to work on small projects with select clients on an independent level. With this refreshing change, I hope to develop more personal projects and allow myself to explore other areas of interest tangential to graphic design.

I know I don’t have much of an audience, but I do know some are out there. If you have any questions around design or freelancing you’d like me to answer here, I’d be happy to write a response. I need some motivation to write more consistently, which I’m hoping to do more of moving forward.

Thanks for your support and interest.

—Annie Szafranski 🙂